I'm shooting my last ball (the one by the corner) but have landed straight on. I tried a stun and run shot but came off the bottom rail and hid myself from the 8 ball - eventually loosing this game. Is there a proper way or another type of shot I should be practicing on? I couldn't slow roll this due to the fact that this match was a league match on a bar table with a lot of questionable roll. 
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We get two opinions on this months question
George Fels author of "Advanced Pool" was kind enough to give the following solution
to this situation. Thanks George!
I generally achieve minimal cue-ball travel after contact in one of two ways, depending
on the length of the shot: either a just-above-center cue ball hit at medium-to-soft
speed, or just below center with medium or harder speed. The player should practice
these combinations, at varying distances between cue ball and object ball, striving for
a fixed amount of cue ball travel after contact, say, two balls' width, then three balls'
width, etc.

Tour Pro, Allen Hopkins has another idea. Thanks for your help Allen.
If the shot is straight in or at a minimal angle, I want to play a stop shot. I'm then going
to play the 8 ball rail first. This will eliminate the potential of being long on the ball.
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