I am interested in buying a new cue do to UPS losing my old one. I had a Muecci and liked it but I like an 11.5mm shaft. The company I deal with only carries 13mm shafts but could cut it down. What will this do to the new Meuccie with the red dot shaft?
Thanks for your help George

I don't see the point of buying an expensive shaft like the Meucci red-dot if you're going to alter it that radically. In your shoes, I would either contact Meucci directly to see if they can customize a red-dot that thin, or to ask their opinion as to whether the red-dot, as furnished, can be turned down that far and still retain its functionality. If both answers are no, then I'd forget about the red-dot and have your favorite cuemaker design your 11.5 shafts. That's a very unique preference, by the way; I'm not knocking your decision, but no one at the game's top levels is using anything that thin. Do you play snooker?

Hope this helps, Best, GF
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