I would like a description of the proper stance during a power break shot. Where are the feet placed, etc.? Also, what are the magnitudes and directions of forces executed by the various limbs during the shot?
Thank you for any enlightenment you can provide.

Thanks for your help George

I'm not qualified to answer the physiological aspects of your question. The basic stance changes to make for the break are to stand up straighter and hold your cue a bit farther down, with a slightly longer bridge. DON'T PULL YOUR BRIDGE HAND OFF THE TABLE TOO SOON; that's a very common flaw. Some players like to push off with their rear leg at the moment of cue-ball impact - but it's already pretty well-proven that you just can't hit the cue ball much harder than 28 mph without its flying off the table. So concentrate on combining control with your power; don't just slug it as hard as possible and hope for providence. Your question is highly intelligent and insightful; I'm not saying those answers as to magnitudes and direction of forces wouldn't be helpful in improving your break if you're conversant in those terms, but I'm not. You might try contacting Bob Jewett at Billiards Digest; he's our technical guy. Thanks for writing and good luck with your game

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