Hello, I have a few questions for you…A friend of mine plays for an 8-ball league.  He and his sons are classified as Super 7’s.  Recently, they have been loosing games due to Safety Plays.  Their opponents then get ball-in-hand, hence a free shot.
Do you have any suggestions for them?  Specific Books, Videos, or Personal Insight?
Editor's note:  Many of the issues in this question are answered in George Fels book "How would you play this."  I own this book and all league players (and most non-league players) should own this book.  It really shows the proper way to play 8 ball and 9 ball.  The lower level players who get the principles that are in this book, will soon find themselves beating better players by thinking there way to a win.
LA - mabn.com editor

The players who have beating your friend and his sons are playing the game the right way. It sounds like they (your friend and sons) are committing the cardinal sin of sinking their own balls without running out the game. We don't have time and space to get into it in detail here, but 8-ball - especially on a bar-box, where the balls tie up more easily - is or should be much more of a defensive game than the way most players approach it. If you can't run all the way out, you should be leaving balls where they can be easily made later and playing safe. Your friends need to overhaul their concept of the game, and be looking for such defensive opportunities themselves. If they want to take a look at my "How Would You Play This?", that will make them at least partially wiser, and make me grateful at the same time.
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