I have an eight foot table at home and have become decent at bank shots.   I notice however that I tend to leave banks and kicks short on 9ft tables and sometimes long on 7ft tables. Can you explain the concept for adjustments on different size tables?
Thanks for your help George

You're looking at this in the wrong way, in my opinion; the bank-shot angles should be identical, because no matter what size table you play on, that table is still twice as long as it is wide. What I suspect is going on is that your 8-footer at home is outfitted differently, re rails and cloth, than the 9-footer you play on commercially; ditto the bar box. That would account for the balls-on-the-table differences you're experiencing.

Also, don't discount the psychological factors lurking when you switch table sizes. If the larger- or smaller-size table makes you think "Uh-oh," or anything in that camp, that mindset would certainly show up in your game.

Don't mean this to sound evasive. Check out your equipment; if I'm wrong, we'll explore other possibilities. Meantime, it'd be a good mental exercise for you to convince yourself that you're potentially equally adept on all table sizes, cloths, etc., just as you have to be convinced that you're capable of pocketing any given open shot you try. Good luck and good shooting. GF

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