I have seen tapes, books etc. about hypnosis and how it can help players. My question is do you think this can actually work for players who want to improve their game?
Thanks for your help George

Yes, I believe firmly in hypnosis, although I'm not a very good subject for it myself (I tend to over-intellectualize, resisting the process; it's not at all uncommon). What I have been able to do, from time to time, is fall into dead stroke, which is very similar if not idential to a hypnotic trance.

Lou Butera has worked with a hypnotist; so did the late Lou Roberts, although he's not much of an example for obvious reasons. There's a hypnotherapist here in the Chicagoland area who specializes in working with pool players, having been a near-regional tournament player himself once. I can't imagine why hypnosis wouldn't help at least some players. Nobody says you have to act daffy or see elephants in the boulevard or crow like a chicken or any of the other goofy things performing hypnotists suggest their subjects do; it's just a particularly disciplined way to attain pure focus.
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