I've enjoyed the game for awhile.
I have never really had any instruction.
I would love to learn to bank!  Maybe learn why the Diamonds are on the table? CAN YOU HELP? THANK YOU!
Learning to bank?  Plan on some extra practice time.  Some of us at MABN like the Grady Mathews tapes "The Finer Points of Pool" and "Advanced Principles of Pool".  George comments on that as well.

Our player is on the right track; beyond being merely decorative, the "diamonds" on the rails have a definite function, and there are systems for determining the cue ball's path by charting the diamonds first. The very best explanation of such systems in the modern era is in Eddie Robin's "Winning One-Pocket"; however, that book will not be easy to find. I have a few copies and will sell one if our player is interested, (email mabn.com).   Another possible source is Hoppe's "Billiards As It Should Be Played", and most billiards outlets should be able to order that. There really isn't time and space to give any detailed instruction here, except to say that bank-shot instruction usually begins with the "bisect the angle" theory most of us learned in high-school geometry.

"How Would You Play This?" will probably be of some help. Grady's tapes are very advanced, and go very fast, but if our player is willing to watch patiently and take notes, they might help too. You've got to start someplace. GF
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