I'm shooting at the 8 ball and my opponent hooked me and this was for the match. Is there any way I could have escaped? 
George Fels has been kind enough to give the rest of us his answer to how he would be able to escape the situation discussed here. Thanks George we all appreciate your expertise, and I'm learning a lot from  your new book, "How would you play this". 
This situation offers a one-rail or two-rail kick at the 8. The former depends on the precise position of the object ball farthest from the cue ball, but it appears that shooting the cue ball straight forward (parallel to the side rail) with right-hand English will do the trick. Personally, I like the 2-rail kick a bit better here because there's no potential interference. The cue ball should be aimed at a point just past the corner pocket jaw on the bottom long rail, with high right English. 
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