Why are'nt there many pro events on tv?  Also will there be another televised event like the one on tv live?
George tells it like it is.

There aren't many men's pro events on TV because their principal sponsor is Camel, and cigarettes aren't allowed on the tube. (The women, however, are seen regularly, although with a lot of repeats.) Another factor is, there aren't that many pro events, period. And even though perhaps half a dozen pros made 40 grand or more in prize money last year, the grumbling, and the situation, are as bad today as they've been in quite some time.

Regarding the live televised event, there's no reason for TV to go out of its way to bring us one; the last one drew exactly the same ratings as all its taped brethren. I wouldn't look for more than one a year, if that. GF
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