Are cues made of graphite any good?  They feel very smooth.
I found this a surprising answer

Graphite cues, in my opinion, are a very pleasant surprise. I have two - actually, one graphite, one fiberglass - that I bought for my sons. Both feel very good and hit the ball far better than I ever expected them to. Neither cost much more than $80; they are highly warp-resistant - far moreso than wood - and all but impossible to break. Allison Fisher and Earl Strickland both use such cues, made by CueTec, one of the best suppliers.

One warning: some people have complained that there's something in the graphite shaft's finish that attracts grittiness, and it doesn't respond to burnishers or talcum as wood does. If/when that happens, my suggestion would be a damp cloth and possibly some mild soap; shouldn't hurt it at all. Depending on where you are in your game, graphite cues are a good idea, and an especially good gift for beginners.

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