I'm having real problems with my follow through when playing a shot.   I was wondering if you had any tips or techniques that could be useful.
Goerge has the answer, of course!

What I do is this: first, I have to remind myself to do it, on virtually every shot; it's part of my "mantra" that I use in shot preparation. Second, I try to visualize the follow-through area, beyond the cue ball, as part of my aiming process. It sort of works this way mentally: "See that 3- or 4-inch space beyond the cue ball? Just fit your cue in there, at the proper speed, and a ball is going to disappear down a hole someplace." Sounds off-the-wall, but it works. That's about the best I can do, unless you'd like to get a bit more specific and explain exactly what kind of problems you're having. A good qualified teacher could probably cure this problem for you in a single lesson; is there one near you? Good luck and good shooting.
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