I have what has been represented as a Szamboti cue. How do I tell it is the real thing? Also - It is broken behind the joint on the butt end. Who in the US would do a good repair - if indeed this is a Szamboti? Finally, where can I get more info about Gus Szamboti, his company and the work that he did. Thanks for taking the time to consider this request. I am grateful to have found this resource. Best Regards - Stu Ehrlich

No question Gus' son Barry would be the best source for you, Stu, both for authentication and repair. As it happens,though,the waiting list to get a new cue from Barry is six years long (no kidding!), as he makes only about two dozen a year; I don't know how long you'd have to wait for a repair, and he's very expensive. As I told the gentleman inquiring about a Balabushka, a reputable cue broker would be a good starting point for authenticating the cue. But any accomplished cue maker or repairman can probably restore it for you.

Check out Rubino and Stein's wonderful coffeetable book "Billiards Encyclopedia" for a full bio and background on Gus. His work, in its time (the '70s), was just as peerless as Balabushka's was in the '60s. But his son, with the benefit of the most sophisticated technology of all, promises to be at least as good if not better.
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