First - If George Fels is answering this, I would like
you to know that I bought your Advanced Pool book 20yrs
ago, so I have been a long time fan. It changed my game.

I have two questions:

- In 1980 I bought a used JossWest cue - it has wrap but no design of any kind (no pts, etc). If you go to history section of JossWest web site, there is a 1976 brochure showing 12 sticks - mine is 2nd from left.  I recently had some (unsolicited) offers on it due to its scarcity, and I'd like to know if you can give me your own estimate of its wort, or where to go to find out. -

The Predator concept looks interesting, does it really have an accuracy advantage as claimed?  If I'm more interested in playing well than in collecting cues, should I trade in my old JossWest for a Predator?
George, is there anything you don't know about pool?

You could try the Blue Book of Cues. My semi-educated guess is that you could probably get $1000-1500 for it, especially if it still hits well, which it should.

If your approach to the game has you staying pretty much in the cue ball's vertical center, then Predator offers you no particular advantage over any other quality cue. If you use all of the cue ball, however (as I and many other players do), then you will find the Predator shaft to be a bonafide innovation. It allows you to aim with English without adjusting for deflection; what you see is pretty much what you get. I'm hooked on them.

Why not have the best of both worlds and have a Predator shaft made for your JossWest? The only information Predator requires is what size pin (screw) is in your Joss. A Predator shaft is expensive - around $200, and I can remember when $200 would've bought you seven, count 'em, seven entire new Rambows - but well worth it. They're also working on a butt that implements the same spliced concept, this time to reduce vibration - but until they introduce that, I see no special reason why you should acquire a Predator butt, since they don't make it anyway (it's private-labeled for them by Falcon). You should also know that Predator shafts are currently available only at 12-3/4 mm tip size.
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