How do I accuratley shoot the que ball if it's on the tail? Also where do I aim the que ball if the other ball is on the rail?  For example the 9 ball is on the rail, where do I aim so I can shoot a straight shot?  Thanks for your help
George, thanks for all of the detail, it's great!

Not entirely clear if you're referring to a shot where both cue ball and object ball are frozen to the same rail, or just one of them, but let's look at all the possibilities. Shooting a cue ball off a rail gives most beginners fits, but it's really just a matter of acquiring the confidence to cue the ball that high, plus keeping your cue as level as you can. And shooting the cue ball ALONG a rail can be at least as tricky, if not moreso, then shooting AWAY from the rail, because often there won't be room to form your regular bridge. When that happens, you'll frequently have to improvise some form of open-thumb bridge to accommodate the space restrictions.

If it's the object ball that's frozen to the rail, most written instruction for that is wrong. What everybody has classically taught is, aim to hit the object ball and the rail at the same time. But, depending on how far the object ball is from a pocket, that technique can create some misses by embarrassing margins, because of the "throw" effect that a cue ball's angle has on an object ball. The right way to aim this shot, depending on your position needs, is to hit the rail just in front of the object ball (no farther than the thickness of a credit card). The shot CAN be made by hitting the rail and ball simultaneously, or even the ball first, but you'll have to compensate with outside English and reduced speed in each case.

When BOTH balls are frozen, that's another can of tomatoes. Least efficient approach to this is to try rolling the cue ball straight down the rail; if the cue ball and object ball are separated by a side pocket, the jaws of that pocket threaten you, and even if that's not a factor in the shot, even the slightest deviation from a perfectly level, straight stroke will doom your attempt. What most players do is hit the cue ball with a lot of inside (nearest the rail) English, and spin it up to the object ball. But the most effective way of all, and I know this is going to sound over-the-top, is to shoot the shot with your cue shaft only! Try it; you'll be amazed by how dependable it is. Good shooting. GF
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