I would like to know why billiard tables use slate,which are heavy and expensive.why not use mdf (medium density board)which are hard enough to the bouncing of the balls?
Bo Knows!

Slate is the material mandated by the Billiard Congress of America (the governing body of our favorite sport) for the constuction of pool table beds.  Slate and slate alone.
Throughout the years various other materials have been tried, but none exhibited the consistency of levelness and stability from mass that this metamorphic rock possesses. It can be diamond honed to machine tolerances of extreme levelness, and it's weight adds both stability and steadiness to any pool table. .
Brunswick tried to market a synthetic bed on their tables two times I know of, calling it Brunstone and Bluestone. Common on early Gold Crown commercial tables of the 1960s and still around in the 1970s, these were the best non-slate beds ever made (although a little brittle). They subsequently discontinued use and production and now use only slate I believe.  Wood, "Slatetron", "Honeycomb", and any other non-slate material I've ever encountered have been vastly inferior in every respect to genuine slate; all being too lightweight, too soft and too crude a finish for any truly precision attempt at leveling. Wood products tend toward warpage, reacting unfavorably to humidity and temperature. Most billiard mechanics I know (myself included) will decline to recover or service non-slate pool tables.
My advice: save up to buy a real slate table or don't buy one at all. And remember, you can always go down to the local billiard establishment and play on some of the best slate tables for only a few dollars an hour.
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