I am considering adding score beads to my pool room, but I've never used them before. If you could explain how to use them and where can I find plans as how to make a score bead line(such as where the beads go and how many), I'd appreciate it. Thanks J. Cox
Answers from two professionals.

George Fels - Any quality billiards-supply source has those or can order them, Mr. Cox. You usually string 50, marked off every 10; quality sets today usually change the shade of every fifth bead too. Instructions come with the merchandise.

B.J. - Score beads, along with chalk and a blackboard, are the old fashioned way of keeping score at many pool games,as compared to modern rotary numerical scorekeepers often found in the foot rail of many commercial type pool tables today.  There are two kinds readily available at any good billiard supply store; one having plastic and the other wooden bead sets. Both come pre-strung on cotton string, but for heavy duty use can be restrung onto cable (with a tensioner on one end) or garden wire, readily available at any hardware or garden store. If restringing, take care to put them onto the new string exactly as you took them off the old string so as to keep the beads in order for accurate scorekeeping.  An advantage of hung scorebeads is their easy visibility to all observers in a pool room, rather than the scorekeepers in the rail only visible to the players at the table during a match.  The beads are strung ready to count up to fifty for each of two players.  They should cost less than $20 a set for either type.
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