hi! i play 9-ball. i would like to have a copy of the 9-ball official rules and i would like to know how to get on the pro tour? my dream has always been to play on the pro tour and i would like to know the steps to get to my dreams. thank you!!!

The BCA's rule book delivers as authoritative a set of rules for 9-ball as any other source; write to them in Iowa City, or call 319-351-2112. I think it costs about $7.50.

As to your playing on the pro tour, there really isn't much procedure or ceremony to it. Some of their events require that you win a qualifier to enter, but others are wide open; you just show up (or, better, reserve your place by entering in advance), pay the entry fee, and play. Follow the tournament schedules posted in my magazine and other places, and just inquire. Of course, before you do that, you'd be wise to get in just as much tough action as you can, whether in local and regional tournaments and/or otherwise. As a practical matter, it's suggested you put a reasonable time limit on this particular dream. It sounds like you're still a young man; if you really want to try this, give it, say, six months to a year to see if it's economically viable for you. After all, no matter how much you love the game, you still have to survive. Good luck.
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