What are the shooter's options, and your opinions please, of the best choices for pocketing this shot:

Assuming the entire table is "open," for pocketing this shot in any desired pocket, the OBJECT ball is AGAINST either the top or bottom rail (the shorter rails,) (and, let's say somewhere in the middle, along that rail,) and the cue ball is approximately 12 inches directly opposite this object ball, (towards the middle of the table), then without having to "kick" the ball, (by first hitting a rail THEN the object ball, which I find very difficult,) how would he pocket the object ball using a direct hit into the ball, (perhaps using an angle shot into the object ball, maybe even with added english, or maybe a double "kiss?" ..OR, am I WAY out in left field, and the "kick" shot IS the far better shot??
I'm interested in your "choice" on this shot. Thanks for your consideration of my question.

If you find spinning the cue ball off the rail first to make this shot is tough, just wait till you try what you're asking about. I think I know what you have in mimd, though: the straight-pool or one-pocket break shot where the cue ball chases an object ball to the end rail, "pinches" it there, and that object ball squirts in. In that case, though, the cue ball/object ball line is angled to the rail, not perpendicular to the rail as you describe. I can't think of ANY way that's even semi-reliable for pocketing a ball except by rail-first with spin if I'm correctly visualizing the shot you refer to.
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