A recent visitor asked this question for all of us. I really need help on concentration.  Do you have any drills or suggestions on how to improve this part of my game?
We get this response from George Fels, author of Advanced Pool and How would you play this?

The first practice drill I recommend for you is to put the object balls exactly halfway between cue ball and pocket this is designed for concentration. By focusing on a perfect cue-ball kill, the shooter must narrow his focus to exclude all his surroundings, right down to the object balls themselves. That's the real purpose of the drill, besides grooving the stroke. (This drill is in the drills section of this site.)

Another quickie I like to use for the same purpose: one object ball in the table's exact center, two balls flanking it maybe a ball's-width away. The objective is to make all three in the same side pocket, without touching a second object ball or using the rails, starting with ball-in-hand. (You start out by lining the cue ball up with an outside object ball and the side-pocket point; obviously, if you get straight-in on either of the first two balls, you're dead. This is an old, OLD hustlers' trick.) Not quite as easy as it sounds, and its beauty is that it gets you in touch with all the sensations of pool in just three shots: stance, bridge, stroke, cue-ball action, pocketing balls, position, rhythm. It's a kissin' cousin to the smart golf practice of warming up with short putts instead of hitting the driver first thing.

Hope these help. Always ready. Best, GF
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