Here's a question concerning equipment.I am in the process of buying my first pool table. I found two that I like and I can afford. I would just like to know which is better; Kasson.Eagle or Brunswick.Bristol??
No real commitment on this one

The fact is, I don't know either manufacturer's product line as well as I might. Seems to me, though, that if you want Brunswick, you might as well have a Gold Crown. Sure there's an added price increment, some hundreds of dollars, but why not go with the best? If the Eagle and the Bristol are at comparable points in their respective product lines, I'd suggest Brunswick simply because of their reputation and their dealer/service network...but it's only a suggestion. I have no reason to believe Kasson doesn't make fine tables, and their advertising certainly implies a quality company behind it.

(editor note) I have played on both of these tables and find them very much equal.

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