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How do I Submit a Question?
  • Click on "Submit a Question" to send a question to us. Picked questions will be forwarded to one of the Pro's.
  • Print the table diagram below (if necessary), send the question to us via the "Submit a Question" method and tell us you want to fax a corresponding diagram.
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Who are the Pro's?
The Mid-Atlantic Billiards Network is proud to be associated with some of the best people in the game, Allen Hopkins and George Fels.
  • Allen is a five time world champion, is currently ranked #5 by the PCA and is the creator of the Q-Skill rating system.
  • George Fels is one of the best known and most knowledgeable writers and instructor in the billiards world. His books "Advanced Pool" and "How would you play this" are must have's for anybody wanting to improve their game.
  • Table Questions are answered by table setup wizard BJ of BJ Billiards.  BJ is one of the best known table pro's in the Mid-Atlantic area.  He services and sells a large number of tables and is the mechanic of choice for a number of pool rooms in our area.
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What can I Ask?
These guys give opinions, as long as they relate to pool. Have a question about the pro tour, how about gambling or table cloth? Ask away players, this is your chance to interact with some of the best in the business!
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