The basics of Cue Care - Take care of your shaft
The best tip for cue care, wash your hands prior to putting your cue together and be sure to wipe your cue down when you are done playing.

Avoid extreme temperature changes, they cause major problems with glues and finishes. The different materials that make up a cue, contract and expand at different rates and can cause problems after a period of time.

Humidity is equally destructive on wood. Moisture causes wood to swell and causes moisture exchange. The best solution, joint protectors.

The worst yet most popular shaft cleaner is sandpaper. It is far to abrasive and the resulting dust will account for shaft shrinkage. Your not just removing oily dirt, you're also removing wood. The commercial plastic papers, liquids and powders do a much better job of protecting your cue and extending it's life.

Burnishing the shaft closes the pores along the surface, blocking them from accepting had oils, powder and dust. A clean shaft should be burnished often. Large amounts of moisture will still be transferred along the veins in the wood but the daily small amount from perspiration, tend to lodge only in open cells and burnishing blocks most of those paths.

Even if you like a whitened shaft, never bleach the wood as it can cause some harm to the integrity of the wood. 

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